• Dippy Philly with Colourful Crudites

    Mix some Philly Light with Garlic and Herbs with some natural yogurt to give a good dipping consistency. Serve with a selection of your favourite dipping vegetables.

  • Mini Hot Jackets

    Bake some small new potatoes. Mix chopped spring onion into some Philly Light with Chives. Cut a slit along the top of each cooked spud and add a teaspoonful of the Philly mixture.

  • Starry, Starry
    Chilli Philly

    Spread thin slices of white bread with some Philly Light with Sweet Chilli. Using a small star shaped cutter, cut stars out of the Philly bread. Garnish as liked and served with a chilli dipping sauce.

  • Angel Pasta with Salmon Philly

    Spoon some Philly Light with Salmon & Dill into freshly cooked angel hair pasta. Add a little milk and heat gently until the Philly has melted. Season to taste. Serve with Philly fish toasts, made from toasted bread, spread with Philly and cut into fish shapes.

  • Philly Asparagus
    Ribbon Salad

    Using a potato peeler or mandolin, slice uncooked asparagus lengthwise into very thin ribbons. Toss together with rocket leaves, olive oil, lemon zest and toasted flaked almonds. Serve with spoonfuls of Philly Light with Spring Onion and Black Pepper.