• Dippy Philly with Colourful Crudites

    Mix some Philly Light with Garlic and Herbs with some natural yogurt to give a good dipping consistency. Serve with a selection of your favourite dipping vegetables.

  • Mini Hot Jackets

    Bake some small new potatoes. Mix chopped spring onion into some Philly Light with Chives. Cut a slit along the top of each cooked spud and add a teaspoonful of the Philly mixture.

  • Starry, Starry
    Chilli Philly

    Spread thin slices of white bread with some Philly Light with Sweet Chilli. Using a small star shaped cutter, cut stars out of the Philly bread. Garnish as liked and served with a chilli dipping sauce.

  • Angel Pasta with Salmon Philly

    Spoon some Philly Light with Salmon & Dill into freshly cooked angel hair pasta. Add a little milk and heat gently until the Philly has melted. Season to taste. Serve with Philly fish toasts, made from toasted bread, spread with Philly and cut into fish shapes.